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Engin Textile established in Bursa in the early 1960s, as a fabric manufacturer that supplies products to fashion brands and retailers. Our company operates own factory in Bursa Demirtas Industrial Zone, with wide collection in the field of women's outerwear and active sport wear, plain, jacquard and printed fabrics. Since its establishment, it continues to serve market with a reliable infrastructure sales service that has been manufacturing with high-tech machines. Engin Textile has succeeded to be one of the preferred companies by the ready-made clothing export companies in the textile sector throughout our country. Engin Tekstil, aims at sustainable customer satisfaction, develops and grows and will continue to be one of the companies that are followed by the sector with a wide range of products.


Our vision is to be an exemplary institution at domestic and abroad with an innovative service approach, based on customer satisfaction without compromising on quality and trust.


Our mission is to be a pioneer company that adheres to business ethics and ethical values ​​and presents our knowledge to its customers in the light of science and technology.


Recognizing that conscious production plays a key role in reducing environmental impacts, we produce breathable and sustainable fabrics.


Armür Dokuma

Dobby Weaving


jacquard weaving


Fabric Printing

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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."



Engin Textile in various weaving types; closely follows the fashion and needs of outerwear as dobby weaving and jacquard weaving. By determining the trend fabrics of the day, with it’s wide product range for apparel products such as shirt, garment, blouse, and trouser fabrics created by many different types of fibers such as polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, tencel and modal. Engin Textile also carries on Production and R&D activities in this direction, taking into consideration the needs and demands of today's active sportswear. Engin Textile produces breathable fabrics with quick drying feature with polyester and nylon elestan fiber contents and offers many features such as repellent, antibacterial and deodorizing with those product groups.

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